Here at Salt + Bloom we are passionate if not obsessed with a little mineral called salt and combining our love of fragrance in 2021 we created our signature scented salt crystals, a smarter product and safer alternative to wax melts and candles while still delivering a strong fragrance throw and unique ambience.

Made from Australian minerals sustainably sourced and hand crafted in small batches in Victoria. Using high quality fine fragrance oils manufactured in Australia that are vegan, cruelty free and are phthalate-free our mission is to bring in a fun new way to scent your space.

We spent time in developing and making a product that would be truly eco-friendly right down to our “packaging with a purpose”. Each fragrance blend comes in a glass jar (perfect for storing those mysterious disappearing bobby pins) and a 100% cotton calico bag to be reused/repurposed into air deodorizers once your salts have been burnt out. To reduce waste scented salt crystals can be disposed of into any green bin or dissolve over running water.

Burn our signature scents to inspire, uplift, evoke, and relax.