The world's first sugarcane juice based cocktail mixers, packed full of nutrients & alive with flavour. No reconstituted juices, syrups, refined sugars or heat-treatments ~ leaving us with a mixer that is as fresh as the day it was juiced.

The ethos behind the Mindful Mixers brand stems from one simple question: Why do cocktail mixers have to be riddled with refined sugars, artificial flavours & heat treatments?
Killing all the nutritional value once present in these fruits, along with ruining the amazing fresh flavour. It was Mindful Mixers belief that through dedication & innovation they could deliver cocktail mixers with zero refined sugars whilst tasting as though you freshly squeezed all the ingredients yourself – and they did.

Their Raw, Cold Pressed Cane Juice goes through a cold high pressure system that destroys all the harmful bacteria, whilst keeping the vital nutrients alive. This Is the base for all their mixers, giving you a delightfully sweet elixir which pairs amazingly with all blends, allowing you to feel good & enjoy, without having a guilty conscious that is associated with refined sugars